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И снова голландец DDZ/NID Passenger Train

Обсуждение локомотивов и вагонов, которые поставляются в виде дополнений к игре от команд разработчиков.

И снова голландец DDZ/NID Passenger Train

Сообщение smsfdg » 16 мар 2013, 20:41

Можно ссылку в личку?
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И снова голландец DDZ/NID Passenger Train

Сообщение Sormovi4 » 24 окт 2013, 12:07

Обновлён до v2.0
========================= v2.0 Release Notes =========================
- Added new DDZ6 consist. mBk-ABv-Bv2-ABv-Bv-ABvk.
- Corrected sound for typhoon / horn
- Low/high engine sounds updated
- Low/high engine sound now plays correctly on decelleration
- Overhauled wagon sounds
- Fixed problem where brake compressor sound would play whenever player entered engine to drive
- Made headlights more yellow, less white
- Added TS2014 headlight flares
- Increased max. speed to 160km/h
- Completely re-scripted braking system. Cab control is now Virtual Brake. Dynamic and train brake all calculated in script. Braking much less "lazy".
- New door-closing sounds in-cab
- Door closing functions in cab more accurate. High bell when doors begin to close. Low bell and cab light when doors closed and locked.
- Added "dead engine" function to drop pantographs if engine is marked as 'dead' in scenario editor
- Added weather effects to passenger view windows
- Added 22 new destinations to signboards. See manual for full list
- Cab: side window panels are now white, not black
- Cab: Fixed problem with ED-Rem light - it should only come on if the ED-brakes are defective
- Cab: Added light for 'front pantograph up' (Voorste stroomafnemer op)
- Cab: reconfigured ATB panel and door closed light
- Cab: moved dodeman button and added 'Stoorstromdet. aangesproken' button
- Cab: added analog clock
- Cab: reconfigured wiper controls to the correct location on the left of the throttle
- Cab: reconfigured button array on the right of the throttle
- Cab: replaced telerail radio with GSMR

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И снова голландец DDZ/NID Passenger Train

Сообщение DOGGER » 21 июн 2017, 08:41

какой красавец аж глаза горят жаль что нет 99 сообщений :cry: :%) :suicide:
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